The Top 7 Richest Bollywood Stars 2014

adminJune 6, 2014
Shahrukh-Khan Actor
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...another famous Bollywood Kapoor Family. With his billiant ability for acting and dancing, he is able to star any characters in his movies brilliantly. Because of that reason, no wonder he is charging 7 up to 12 crore Indian Rupees for staring each movie. 5. Hrithik Roshan Richest Bollywood Stars 2014 As other Bollywood stars, Hrithik Roshan is also able to…

The Top 7 Richest Hollywood Actors in 2014

adminJune 6, 2014
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...the legendary romantic movie all the time, Titanic? As a brilliant Hollywood actor who is able to play any great characters in each movie he stars makes him has a gross until $ 600 million. 5. Tom Cruise Richest Hollywood Actors in 2014 This famous and brilliant even handsome Hollywood Actor has so many fanatic fans worldwide and most of them…

The Seven Interesting Facts About Babies

adminMay 28, 2014
Interesting Facts About Babies
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 Do you have a baby? Do you like to see the growth of the baby? Well, a baby is usually can give the happiness to everyone who see him/her. A baby also gives full of joy for the family. If you have a baby, you should be grateful because of having the very nice baby in your family. Besides, you…

All About Daenerystargaryen Actress Aka Khaleesi

adminJuly 20, 2014
6 Life Lessons Every Girl Should Learn from DanerysTargaryen
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  Do you like to play the game? What kind of game that you like to play? Do you like to play the journey game? Do you like to play the action game? Well, there are many video games that you can play. Do you familiar with the Game of Thrones? Anyway, do you know the movie about Game of…

The 7 Worst Actors In Hollywood

adminJuly 21, 2014
Caley mulligan
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Do you like to watch the movie? What kind of movie that you really like to watch? Do you like to watch the Hollywood movie? Well, Hollywood movie is so fascinating to watch. There are many movies of Hollywood that you should watch. Those movies can give many inspirations for you. But sometimes, there are many bad actors who play…