The Top 7 Most Romantic Movie Ever You Should Watch

adminMay 23, 2014
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8 images 4. Kate and LeopoldĀ Most Romantic MovieĀ  The background of the movie is in the 21st century. The main female character in the movie named Kate finds a gasp in her apartment which could let her go back to the 19th century. For any certain reason, the main male character in the movie named Leopold is being sent back from…

The Top 7 Most Popular Hollywood Actors 2014

adminJune 16, 2014
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  There are so many famous and popular celebrities since a long time ago until now. But anyway, each year, time after time, the top famous celebrities are continuously changed. The similar thing also happens with the famous actors of the years. So, related to the matter, who are the top famous Hollywood actors in this 2014 then? If you…