The Top 7 Best Keepers of World Cup 2014

adminJuly 11, 2014
Tim Howard - U.S.
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  The World Cup 2014 must be welcomed by everyone all over the world. People worldwide must support and expect their favorite football team to be the winner of this World Cup 2014. A great euphoria is available all over the world in welcoming the World Cup 2014 of course. Talking about the greatness of World Cup 2014, of course…

Top 7 Amazing Female Athletes Who Posed For Playboy

adminMay 17, 2014
Female Athletes Who Posed For Playboy
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Hey, girls! Do you want to be an athlete? Do you want to be smart in a certain sport and you want to win many championships in the world? Do you want to be like the female athletes that you really like? Who are your favorite female athletes? Amy Acuff? Sarapova? Or who? Well, if we are talking about the…

Most Promising Football Players of FIFA World Cup 2014

adminMay 22, 2014
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This year there will be something great to watch. Yes, it is FIFA World Cup 2014. The host for this greatest event of football is Brazil. World Cup has always been the chance for many players to show their ability, skill, and technique. They always try to play their best in their football clubs in order to be called by…