The Top 7 Largest and Biggest Aquariums in the World

adminMay 6, 2014
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...aquarium with the depth of underwater 155 meters tunnel. Not only amazing and adorable fishes could find living there but also dangerous creatures of Yangtze which is known as the popular river in China like Chinese salamander in giant size, also alligators of Yangtze, Antarctic penguins and also Chinese water dragon. Aqua Domm Largest and Biggest Aquariums …

The Top 7 Most Popular Piano Brands

adminMay 21, 2014
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...has been producing handcrafted qualified pianos ever since. 1. Steinway and Sons Most Popular Piano Brands It is the professional and great even famous piano brand by Henry Steinway since 1853 in New York. This famous piano brand has been manufacturing highest quality pianos that able to produce best piano’s tones perfectly, adorably. So, if you in the near future have…

The 7 Worst Natural Disasters Ever Recorded

adminJuly 17, 2014
. Haiti Earthquake (2010)
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...dfall in Myanmar and it devastated the Delta of Ayeryarwady along with its 37 townships for about two days. From the disaster, there are 84,500 people were killed and 53,800 missing. 5. Pakistan Earthquake (2005) Worst Natural Disasters Ever Recorded Do you still remember with the Pakistan earthquake? The earthquake happened in Pakistan registered 7.6 in the Richer scale.  The epicenter…

The 7 Longest Rivers In the World

adminMay 11, 2014
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 Do you live near the river? Do you like to visit many rivers in this world? Well, I personally like to spend a lot of my time on the river. In my childhood, I usually played a game with my friends in the river. I also looked for the shrimps in the river and sometimes I did fishing to find…