Top 7 Unusual Pyramids

adminApril 24, 2014
9 images of the largest buildings in around the world. This pyramid height is about seventy-five meters. 7. Visocica Hill Another unusual pyramid comes in a form of hill. You can find this kind of pyramid among the green forests of Bosnia. The name of this pyramid is Viocica hill which was actually created naturally. The performance is similar to pyramid,…

The Top 7 Wonderful Sunrise Photos around the World

adminJune 8, 2014
The photo of sunrise in San Francisco
7 images
...amous lake becoming one of the popular sunrise photographs all over the world. 3. The photo of sunrise in Poland Hill Wonderful Sunrise Photos  Another interesting beautiful sunrise view that captured into adorable photograph is the photo of sunrise in Poland Hill. The beautiful rustic farmhouses look so enchantingly during sunrise in the middle of yellow golden-sky. 2. The photo of…

7 Most Expensive And Exquisite Pieces Of Jewelry In The World

adminMay 11, 2014
most expensive jewelry
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 Hello ladies! Do you like to have the beautiful jewels for your own? Or do you like to collect many types of jewelries? If you like to collect many kinds of jewelries, you should consider whether you have the enough money to buy the best jewels. If you do not have much money to buy the jewels, you can buy…

The Top 7 Most Romantic Movie Ever You Should Watch

adminMay 23, 2014
Romantic Movie Cute
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Watching movie is a really great interesting and fun stuff to do. There are millions people all over the world love watching movie. Since more and more people love watching movie, the kinds of movies are also getting more and more in each genre. The widely range of movies genres could be chosen by you to watch based on your…

7 Best Places To Visit In Rome

adminMay 9, 2014
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Do you like to go travelling? Do you want to visit many places around the world? What are the places that you want to visit? New York? London? Australia? Bali? South Africa? Paris? Italia?Well, if we are talking about Italia, I believe that you are familiar with Rome. Yeah, Rome is one of the old city in the world. Rome…