The 7 Rich Celebrities And Their Net Worth

adminMay 16, 2014
dakota-fanning-Richest celeb
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...n of net worth: $900 million. 2. J.K. Rowling Rich Celebrities  Who does not know J.K Rowling? Yeah, she is the author of the Harry Potter series novel. Because of the popularity of Harry Potter novels, she becomes one of the famous authors in the world. The estimated net worth: $1 billion. 1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Rich Celebrities    She is the…

A Must Top 7 Things to do in Australia that You Shouldn’t Miss

adminApril 17, 2014
Exploring Blue Mountain
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Australia is a wonderful country and continent that is so special because it is located separately from the other countries. If you go to this country, you will find so many interesting places that will hypnotize you with its wonderful views. Rather than only enjoying views of interesting places in Australia, you can also do some exciting activities that you…

Top 10 Best Ways and Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

adminMay 1, 2014
Remedies to Get Rid of Acne
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Having acne on the face is the one of the main problems that will be faced by a lot of teenagers, both for girls and boys. The problem will usually come when the boys and girls are getting to their teenage life. And the worst thing about this is that it will be able to make their beautiful face skin…

Top 7 Weirdest Fashion Shows

adminMay 21, 2014
Weirdest Fashion Shows
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  It must be common for most people to see skinny models walking in the wonderful dresses. So, it must be weird for those people to see the models in uncommon dresses or uncommon fashion show concepts. Here are some lists of top 7 weirdest fashion shows of the world that never come to your mind yet. Chinese Fashion…